Grossed out at the #SochiGames? Be thankful you have #walls!

As the Olympic Games kick off, I can’t scroll through my social media feeds and not trip over a half dozen hilarious takes on the #sochigames.

Plagued with a +$50 billion bill, the Games have run afoul with sarcastic and humorous takes on the less than humorous accommodations and logistical horrors. The ring which did not light up? Hmmmm. How about the national costumes which pay homage to the rights of gays and lesbians to be part of the Games; subtle and classy, Greece. As the athletes gear up to win Gold for both their country and their sport, stories began pandering off… until I saw this one.

The horror to end all horrors. Hotel guests are complaining about Portraits of half naked Vladamir Putin. You know. The ones where this geopolitical heavy weight is fishing. Topless. Or riding a horse. Topless. Or…. no words….

Averting my eyes.

These bring me to the far more legendary menagerie of awesomeness simply named: Life in Russia. Each one is better than the last. Enjoy. And when my next birthday comes around, no Putin sheets, please.


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