It’s blazing hot this summer! As I go through drafts and drafts of manuscripts, I have one beacon of hope: ice tea in a box.

Here are some pictures of what’s happening these days….


Coming to the end of a three year project. Can’t wait to see the final book published…. Tamar; the Art of Construction by me!


The Art of Construction – Tamar

I am so excited as in a few months, I will be putting to bed the biggest (literally!) book in my career. Tamar, the Art of Construction will be about the design and construction of the +HK$5billion Hong Kong Government and Legislative Council headquarters. We expect the book will be complete and in our client’s hands by the beginning of 2013!

As the author and project director of this monumental project, I am so very proud of all the frontline staff who dedicated years of their lives to make this a reality. Here are a couple of pictures to wet you appetite!